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Here's a set of questions and a proper answer. If you still have questions about the Colony, please send them to: .

What is the Colony ?
The Colony is a platform to bring together people with similar interests, like Open Source. A lot of events were organized by different people and are now preserved and archived on this website. And we hope different people will use the Colony to organize new events.

Can I contribute ?
Sure. You can contribute by organizing an event or organize a sub-event at a bigger event. You can use the Colony's userbase and website to draw attention to your efforts or bring together people with a common mindset.

Who's behind the Colony ?
It depends on what event. Most of the events are driven by different people, which makes it more interesting as each event has a different emphasize.

Is there a list of previous events ?
We have compiled an archive of events that were organized by or were attended by Colony-people. In case where the original website has disappeared, we've tried to mirror its content.